Zoo & Pool

This last week Munchkin finished up sports camp with lacrosse and basketball.  It seemed like he really liked all the sports except soccer.  It looked to me he was most excited playing t-ball.  Nithin came home from Memphis in time to see most of Munchkin’s last sports camp.

Sports Camp BasketballSports Camp Lacrosse

Saturday we went to the town pool and joined.  We have been to the pool every day since.  It has been super hot here all weekend.  Munchkin just loves to swim so he is constantly asking to go to the pool. 

Sunday morning we spent it at the Queen’s zoo with some friends.  It is a nice small zoo that had a great petting zoo section.  Sunday afternoon we went to the pool.

Queens Zoo Animal FeedingQueens Zoo Buffalo

Monday morning Munchkin started his first “real” (not daycare associated) camp.  He goes in the morning for a few hours.  He is in a group of all other 4 year olds so he meets and plays with other kids his age.  He made a friend on Monday who wasn’t there on Tues. so he was sad about that. 


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