Office and Philly Adventures

Last week I had to go into the city for my 12 week final check-up for my foot so Munchkin came along so we could hit the zoo and visit his daddy at the office.  He was so excited to go to the office that he had to wear his tie.  My foot is mostly healed so that was a quick appointment.  We headed to the zoo hoping it wouldn’t rain.  Munchkin loved the zoo but liked best hatching out of an egg they have for the kids to climb in. 

Munchkin in EggMunchkin Bunny

After the zoo we headed to Nithin’s office which Munchkin just loved hanging out with Nithin’s co-workers and “working”.  He told us earlier in the day when explaining what Nithin does that he works at a computer and types the letter ‘a’ a lot. 

Munchkin at the Office1Munchkin at the Office

Saturday we headed down to Philly to bop around the town and see the sights.  We went to the Loop yarn store.  It was small but jammed pack of a great selection of yarns.  Then we hit the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.  We found a playground before heading out to get cheesesteaks for dinner. 

Munchkin and Mom at Liberty BellIndependence HallIndependence Hall2Independence Hall3Liberty Bell

Sunday we spent the day at Nithin’s uncle and aunt’s house outside of Philly.  Extended family from India are in the states for a wedding we have coming in a couple weeks.  So Nithin saw some family he hadn’t seen since he was 12.  As usual Munchkin has his uncle wrapped around his little finger playing with him most of the day.  Munchkin also roped most of the other men to playing with him also.  In the family picture below everyone sitting are siblings for Nithin’s mom. 

Happy BirthdayNithin Family

Here is Munchkin and his Aja and Bapuma.Aja and BapumaMunchkin with Aja and Bapuma

We came back home Sunday night so we were home for the Memorial Day parade.  Munchkin was sick so we corralled him in his stroller.  He really loves the fire trucks as you can tell.  Our new neighbor actually drove the ladder truck. 

Munchkin Memorial Day Parade2Munchkin Memorial Day Parade

Munchkin has moved up to a booster seat in the car. 

Booster Seat

Munchkin is picking up the habit of saying “moooooooomm” or “daaaaaaadd” a lot.  We can receive this chiding just for looking at him.  This habit has to go. 


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