This week was one of our first normal weeks.  We went to the playgrounds, library, grocery store and  for a special treat the LI Children’s Museum.  Munchkin loved the bear at the diner where you chose the right meal to feed each animal.

  Bear FriendBubblesMotorcycle

I mowed the lawn and Munchkin decided to bring a chair and table out to supervise me at his desk.  He would run out to me and hand me flowers and leaves to drop off to him.

Mowing Supervisor

This weekend we had a picnic with some of my knitter friends and our families.  I made a gnome chocolate cake with coffee frosting.  I think it was one of my best yet.  The kids loved playing together on the beach.  They had an office in one corner of the yard and would play there for a little bit.  After their executive meeting was done they would go off to play elsewhere.

Gnome CakePicnic Friends

We realized at the soccer game on Sunday that this was our last soccer game.  Munchkin played most of the game.  He didn’t go after the ball much but at least he stayed in the game.  This is a big accomplishment from when we started and he wouldn’t play the game at all.  He says he wants to go back in the fall. 

Sunday afternoon we went for a walk around Cold Spring Harbor and Munchkin discovered the Fireman Museum there.  It was kinda small but he really liked it. 

Old Fire AlarmFiremen Only

Today Munchkin graduated to the next swimming level in his swim class. 


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