Recovery Activities

While I was 6 weeks on crutches waiting for my foot to heal I had some time to work on my hobbies. 

Moonstruck by Karen Alfke

Yarn: Blue Moon Gaea

MoonstruckMoonstruck (1)

Dad’s Vest

I made this vest for my dad who came to stay with us for a month while I was down for the count.  The pattern I changed a bunch so it is pretty much my own creation.

Yarn: Briar Rose Abundance and the diamonds are done in yarn made at Old Sturbridge Village

Needle size is 7

Dad Sweater

Stone Necklace

Stone NecklaceStone Necklace2

Blue Bracelet


Sister Bracelet

I made the following bracelet for my sister’s birthday.

Reed Bracelet

Bella’s Mittens

I made these mittens for my girlfriend who is also crazy over Twilight.  She took these pictures which I thought were quite great and fitting.

Bella Mittens Modeled2Bella Mittens Modeled


Made for Munchkin for his 4th birthday Robot party. 


Rambutan Socks by Cookie A

Yarn: Sanguine Gryphon Bugga!

Needles size 1.5

Rambutan Socks


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