As the Days Float By

The past 4.5 weeks of foot surgery recovery have gone by slowly.  I have done a bunch of craft projects during my time of immobility.  A separate post is coming when I am able to take pictures.  After the first two weeks of the wrap I got a boot.


The boot has made my foot more protected so I have been able to get out a little bit more.  I ordered my custom Indian dress for the wedding in June, we went out to dinner a few times, and we went to the Fireman Museum.

HelicopterFireman MunchkinFireman Museum

The boys (Nithin, Munchkin, and Aja) went to the circus last weekend.  Nithin’s mom and I stayed home and I created another addict to Downton Abby.  We watched about 3 episodes while the boys were at the circus.  We finished season’s 1 & 2 over the two weeks they were here. 

Circus3Circus CatCircus Munchkin and AjaCircusCircus2

Munchkin started soccer.  Here some pictures of his first practice and game.  He does a really good job at practice but refused to play the game. 

First Soccer PracticeFirst Soccer Practice3

First Soccer Game Practice2First Soccer Game Practice

We made some Easter Eggs to be festive.

Grover Easter EggEaster Eggs2Easter Eggs

Munchkin went to the Cradle of Aviation with Aja and Bapuma and then another time with his dad to see a model airplane show.

Cradle of Aviation Visit

As of tomorrow I have one more week on crutches. 


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