A week and a half ago I went in for surgery on my foot.  When I dropped the porcelain dish on my foot a few weeks ago it turns our that it did more than cut my foot, but also cut the tendon for my 4th toe.  So that toe just hung around and could no longer be controlled by me.  Because my foot was in pain with the cut tendon and I am still young I decided to fix the toe and get surgery.  I went to Lenox Hill for outpatient surgery.  Here is a picture of my food marked for surgery.  I walked myself into the operating room.  Thank goodness I can’t see without my glasses so I couldn’t see what went on in the operating room.  I was put under by the best anesthesiologist ever.  I am now on crutches and can’t put weight on my foot.  So I have been watching a lot of Netflix and knitting.  I have made it out of the house only twice with the first time resulting in a spill on the stairs.  Stairs and crutches stink. 

Foot marked before surgeryBum Foot

Last weekend we laid low because it was right after surgery.  Munchkin went to gymnastics and to a classmates birthday party.

Birthday Party Fun

Last week my dad came for the week to help me ae had wnd Munchkin.  Munchkin and his grandpa went to the playground a lot since the weather was so nice. 

This weekend we did some early celebrating of Nithin’s birthday which is Monday.  Nithin got his presents from Munchkin and me.  One of Munchkin’s gifts was this straw that comes fashioned as glasses.  Here is Munchkin using it to drink his mango juice at lunch.

Silly Straw

For dinner we went to Bobby’s Burger Palace which Nithin has wanted to visit and picked up a cupcake cake for Nithin. 

Birthday Cake

Nithin was taking some pictures for me today and Munchkin had to ham it up for him. 

Getting in the PictureKnitting 2036See my shirt

Tomorrow is Nithin’s birthday.  We will be laying low since I am not mobile.  We did our activities today and will have a nice ordered in dinner tomorrow. 


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