Its Time to Light the Lights

This past week was a big one.  I had two fillings done and resigned from my job.  My last day is the 23rd.  I plan to take some time off from working and hang with the Munchkin before he starts Kindergarten in a little over a year.  I also plan to work on my hobbies and do more knitting designs.  Casually I will look for another job.  I do want to go back to my field but taking a little time off will be nice. 

This weekend we had our family Valentines Day where I made a big heart cookie and Nithin made heart pizza’s.  It was super cold this weekend so we stayed in a lot, it snowed a little bit.

Valentine Cookie

Sunday we went on a trip to the Museum of Moving Image (  They had a special exhibit on Jim Henson.  You weren’t allowed to take pictures in the exhibit.  It was really cool, we saw Kermit and Miss Piggy.  Munchkin liked it.  We saw the rest of the museum which was also neat.  The boys really enjoyed the wall of old arcade games.  At the end we watched two episodes of the Muppet Show before heading out.

Boys Playing Donkey KongBoys Playing FroggerBoys Playing Video GamesMunchkin Playinv Video Games

Munchkin made a short stop motion movie at the museum.

Munchkin’s Stop Motion Video

We also made Valentine’s for Munchkin’s class for his party tomorrow.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


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