Yellow Belt & Santa

Munchkin this Saturday received his yellow belt in karate.  This is Munchkin receiving his yellow belt.

Munchkin Yellow Belt

Saturday night we had friends over for dinner with their little boy.  It was nice seeing them again and cooking a really nice meal but Munchkin was a little bit of a terror to the little boy. 

Sunday Morning we went to Santaland at Macy’s in NYC.  It is so fun because you travel on a train to the north pole.  Munchkin held onto his letter for Santa so tight and wouldn’t get out of his stroller.  I think he was so excited to see Santa.  Munchkin wouldn’t tell us what he talked to Santa about.  He says it is s secret.

StantalandStantaland2Santaland All BusinessRowan and SantaFamily SantaSantaland Visit with SantaSantaland Visit with Mrs ClausMacys Window

Afterward we went up to Rockefeller Center where we had lunch outside the skating rink and went to see the tree. 

NYC Christmas TreeNYC Christmas Tree2

We came home in the early afternoon to a nap and wrapping Christmas presents.  All packages have been mailed.  We are almost ready. 


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