Birthday Parties & Rainy Family Day

This weekend we had 2 birthdays on Saturday.  One for a friend from school and one for a friend of ours sons.  We left the house at 10:30am went to one party at a playhouse.  It was super hard to get good pictures because Munchkin and his friends just ran and ran and ran around. 

Birthday Party ClimbingBirthday Party FiremenBirthday Party Slide

This is what Munchkin put in the card.  He said it was a picture of him.  This is Munchkin’s first self portrait.

Drawing of Munchkin

We went home for a nap and then went out again to the second party. It was a nice family party in the back yard with a big blow up slide and cotton candy.  Munchkin had a blast playing with the other kids.

Birthday2 Eating Cotton CandyBirthday2 Slide DownBirthday2 Slide

Sunday it rained hard here all day.  Aja and Bapuma were here.  Saturday they were at a wedding.  During the rain we all sat around, watched movies, and played a lot.  Nice relaxing day.  We introduced Aja and Bapuma to Toturo and Kikki’s delivery service.  Munchkin and I also made dinosaur cupcakes for his class as a special treat.  This is Munchkin’s last week of school at his current school where he has been since he was born.

Cupcake MakingDinosaur Cupcakes

I made hats for Munchkin’s teachers to bring the last day.  Pictures to come.  I have started on a monster sweater for Munchkin, should be interesting. 


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