Seattle & Portland Vacation

Here is the full album of our Seattle and Portland vacation.

A week ago Saturday we walked down to our local train station and took the train to JFK.  It was over 90 degrees and we were happy to get out of this weather.  We went through the Air Train ticket line which is $5 a person and a few min later Munchkin tells us he has to go potty.  To get out to the bathrooms and then back into the train area is $10.  So Munchkin had a very expensive potty trip of $10.  Overall taking the train worked very well.  Munchkin fell asleep on the Air Train but wouldn’t sleep on the plane.  On a 6 hour flight he got a bit cranky for the last third of the trip.  We got to the rental car and he falls asleep directly.  We get him to the hotel and change his clothes but he doesn’t get up until the next morning at 6am Pacific.  This part was fantastic.  The cranky kid on the plane not so great.  Nithin and I had our favorite Indian food in hand while checking into the hotel.  We had a fantastic dinner and called it a night.

Our first day in Seattle we hung out with our friends Michele and Jeff and did a bunch of things.  On our way to their house we stopped at the Fremont Troll. 

Day 1 Fremont Troll

We had breakfast at our favorite place Café Besalu and then headed off to the Seattle Aquarium.  There were scuba divers feeding the fish in a big tank which made an impression on Munchkin because he had to get a the Scuba Diver Steve for a toy.

Day 1 Seattle Quarium ScubaDay 1 Seattle Family

We walked around the market and went to my favorite shop Pirkka.  After lunch we headed back to our friends house for Munchkin to take a nap.  This was the first nice sunny day over 80 degrees there this year so everyone was out which made doing much in the afternoon crazy.  We went to the Ballard locks then out to dinner at 4pm to avoid the long wait. 

Day 1 Seattle Ballard Locks 3Day 1 Seattle Ballard Locks 2

On our second day we planned to go to the Space Needle for lunch and go to Pacific Science Center.  Munchkin was so excited to go to the Space Needle.  Pacific Science Center had some great hands on water cannons outside for the kids which was fun. 

Day 2 Munchkin Whaling it Up 2Day 2 Pacific Science Center Water

After Pacific Science Center we went up to the Space Needle for lunch.  Munchkin had space needle pasta for lunch.  It was a total highlight.

Day 2 Space Needle Lunch 2Day 2 Space Needle Look Mom

Day 2 Space Needle FamilyDay 2 Space Needle Ferry (2)

In the evening we went to Pioneer Square to see a yarn bombing.  Munchkin found a fireman statue which was a highlight for him.

Day 2 Pioneer Square Yarn Bomb3Day 2 Fireman

We went out to Chinese food in the Intl. District.  Munchkin did really great with the chopsticks.  He told us many times, see I can use chopsticks.  He did much better than Nithin or I would. 

Day 2 Look I can use Chopsticks

On our third day I had breakfast with some people from my team and Nithin had lunch with his new manager who lives in the Seattle area even though the company is in NY.  In the morning we went to the Museum of Flight which Munchkin liked toughing all the flight panels. 

Day 3 Museum of Flight AstronautDay 3 Museum of Flight Pilot

In the afternoon we went and got cupcakes at Trophy cupcakes, went shopping at Archie McPhee and went to the beach before meeting friends for dinner. 

Day four we drove from Seattle to Portland and stopped off at NW Trek.  They have animals from the NW there.  All the carnivores are in gated areas.  All the herbivores you ride a tram around a huge area to see.  Seeing buffalo and moose so close up was totally amazing.  We got to Portland to find that the entire city .  is bustling.  Our hotel was booked so we could only get a room with one bed.  So Munchkin had to sleep on the floor in a mattress. 

Day 4 NW Trek Safari Buffalo BabiesDay 4 NW Trek Safari Buffalo2Day 4 NW Trek Safari Buffalo3Day 4 NW Trek Safari Moose 3

Day five in Portland I went off to Sock Summit for Recreating Traditional Folk Socks with Donna Druchunas and the boys went off to the Oregon Science museum.  It was a big hit as Munchkin asked to go back there every day.  Nithin was very proud of Munchkin that we “schooled a little girl playing robot connect four”.  My class was very interesting.  I didn’t know so many heal and toe techniques existed. 

Sock Summit

Day 5 Oregon Science2Day 5 Oregon Science

Day six I went to take the following two classes: Free Sole socks (Toe up) with Anna Zilboorg and Gotland Colorwork Socks with Shelia January.  The boys took the train to the Children’s Museum where Munchkin wanted his face painted like a cat.  In the afternoon they went for ice cream and then to a public fountain to cool off and play.

Day 6 Oregon Childrens Museum TigerDay 6 Oregon Childrens Museum2Day 6 Clown Ice Cream

Day seven of our trip I went to take a Lithuanian Sock Heels and Toes with Donna Druchunas.  The morning was really interesting because I learned some great and different techniques.  The boys went to the zoo and saw some dinosaurs.

Day 7 Zoo2Day 7 Zoo3

I got a text from Nithin to check my email and in the email asked me to send a copy of Munchkin’s insurance card because they were at the ER.  I got in pieces later Munchkin ate a piece of plastic spoon.  Nithin says he was eating applesauce and the spoon broke.  Nithin saw it happen and told Munchkin not to swallow but Munchkin did it.  So I took a cab to the ER.  Munchkin had to get XRays and the doctor says it will pass.  We are still waiting we think.  He seems just fine. 

Day 7 ER TripDay 7 ER Spoon

We spent the afternoon chilling and took the red eye back to NY. 

Airplain Home

On the trip I also finished Munchkin’s Jubilee Socks from the Cookie A sock club.  This month we got Hazel Knits yarn which was really nice.  This was the first thing Munchkin ever asked me to make for him.  So of course he gets what he asks for. 

Jubilee SocksJubilee Socsk Detail


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  1. Great photos of your family vacation to Seattle! I have heard there’s so much for the kids to enjoy in Seattle. Sounds like a perfect place for a family getaway!

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