Sailing Away

This week was a little off.  Munchkin had 1.5 days off of a 4 day week because his school’s transformer blew and they had no power.  So it doesn’t seem like a lot got accomplished this week.

Friday night a rare event occurred.  We got a sitter and we took a sailing class for 2 hours.  It was a 6 person sailboat with just us and our teacher.  Nithin and I took turns steering.  I hadn’t been on such a small sailboat so I didn’t realize how much they tilt so you are almost taking on water.  At that point I told the teacher my goal was to be a senior citizen sailor, meaning I didn’t want to take it too far.  We had a nice time.  After we went out to dinner.  Overall a very enjoyable evening which we will have to do again.

Sailing Our Boat

Saturday we went to my friends baby shower.  It wasn’t a traditional shower.  More like a big family party.  The party was said to start at 3pm.  So we figured we would just go after Munchkin’s nap and be a little late.  We arrived at 3:30 and were the first there.  I guess they start parties at least an hour late and that is traditional.  Who knew.  Munchkin loved playing with the other kids.  He had such a blast he slept in until 8am this morning which was nice. 

Sunday morning we went out east on the island to go strawberry picking.  Munchkin said he didn’t want to pick the strawberries, just eat them.  So he had a good snack.  Every so often you would hear “mommy can I eat that”.  We had a nice time and had rhubarb cake with our strawberries.  The rhubarb was from our CSA vegetable package that started this week.

BerriesEating BerriesMommy can I eat this BerryMore Berries to EatBerries PikedComing in from Picking

We went to the Riverhead outlets afterward to get the next sizes of Puma sneakers for Munchkin.  I like to have the next shoe sizes on hand so when you are surprised they have outgrown the current shoes you have them on hand. 


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