Memorial Day & Mini Golf

This weekend my parents came to hang out.  Friday night we had a barbeque early because I found this hamburger cake.  My iPhone got whipped by Munchkin because he pressed 3 specific buttons simultaneously so I don’t have a picture of the cake anymore. 

Saturday morning we went to Eisenhower Park and went to mini golf.  In the field next door a bunch of helicopter’s were landing in honor or Memorial Day.  Munchkin didn’t care to learn how to hold the club but he did do 17 wholes of golf before we heard a complaint.  He liked to “help” us get the ball in the whole.  We had a good time. 

Here is our cool dude on the way to the golf course

Heading to Play Golf

Sometimes Munchkin would pick-up the ball, put it close to the whole and then hit it into the whole.

Mini Golf Placing the Ball Near the Whole

Here are some cute pics of mini-golf.

Mini Golf Conquiring the WholeMini Golf DefeatMini Golf PoseMini Golf PuttingMini Golf Making the WholeMini Golf Making the Putt

Saturday night we went to the local fireworks with Munchkin in his jammies.  He has his robot jammies on and his milk waiting for the fireworks.  He liked them, especially the fin-alley (note that isn’t a mis-spelling he said it as 2 words fin + alley).

Waiting for the FireworksMemorial Day Fireworks

Sunday we went to Westbury Gardens and walked around. 

Westbury GardensWesbury Gardens My boys

Munchkin loved the little log cabins that the kids had to play in.

Wesbury Gardens Play HouseWesbury Gardens2Wesbury Gardens3

Sunday afternoon Munchkin went to Oyster bay and played on the play ground and then took the train home with grandma and grandpa.  Grandma and grandpa say the train wasn’t as fascinating since he is a pro at riding the trains.

Mug Shot at the Playground

Monday morning our town had our Memorial Day parade.  Munchkin went out in his fireman t-shirt and boots because he was going to see the firemen.  Very cute.  He got a flag which he proudly waved and waved at all the firemen.

Memorial Day Parade2Memorial Day Parade

Monday we went to get ice cream by the beach and then went to the beach.

Monday Playing on the BeachMonday Beach

We put away Munchkin’s crib into storage above the garage since he is in his big boy bed.  Munchkin helped.  We also had to buy vegetable plants since the garden I planted from seed died with the 2 weeks of rain we had.  We should be having some beans, peas, zucchini, basil, and strawberries.

I finished some Alice from New Moon gauntlets and with the leftover yarn I made a hat.  Now onto another gift.  Not sure what else to tackle for myself. 

Alice Gauntlets and Hat to Match

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