Back Again

Last week we had a baby shower for a friend at work.  I had to go get the pack and play as a group gift.  I guess my back wasn’t up to it and I wrecked my back again.  It was getting better and then got worse at the end of last week.  I went to the physical therapist and he says I had a bulging disk and sciatica.  It was soooo painful.  I managed in the middle of all this to get two donut cakes made for the shower that went over really well.  The shower was at 10:30 so a donut cake seemed fitting.

Donut Cake

This past weekend I pretty much laid on my back to calm things down.  During this time another friend in Seattle had a baby shower.  I made this bonnet for her girl.


Here is the bear hat and mittens I made for the surprise shower last week.  All the work was done but I couldn’t bring myself to wrap it.  So she will get it later.  I don’t think she reads my blog though so it should be safe.

Bear Hat & Mittens

Nithin’s parents came for the weekend.  They went to the Hindu temple in Queen’s.  Munchkin said his favorite part was eating the dosas (Indian crepe) at the temple.  Munchkin also had a birthday party for one of his classmates.  Here are some of the pictures.  There are a lot of blury pictures because Munchkin was playing non-stop.

Birthday Party 2Birthday Party

I am casting off a shawl I made during my weekend of back recovery.  I also wrote up my first design.  I made Nithin socks.  I am cleaning up the pattern and will post. 

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