Catching Up & Getting Ready

This weekend we laid low catching up from coming back from DC and getting ready for a busy weekend next weekend.  The house has been cleaned and tidied.  Munchkin and I went to the grocery store together.  We hung out at the playground.  Here are the boys hanging at the playground watching the train.

2011-04-09 001 001

We took Munchkin to Toys ‘R Us to get a birthday present for a friend.  He picked it out and we got out of the store with only a present for his friend.  Next weekend I am having a tea party for my knitting friends, Munchkin has his birthday party, and I have jewelry class.  The tea prep is all done, now I just have to start the cooking on Friday.

Munchkin and I have good tub time chats.  This is how I find out what he wants for his birthday, fireman cake, R cake, a duck and Elmo.  This is how I find what he likes on vacation, buttons for elevators and escalators.  I told him tonight we are going to Baltimore next month and he is all excited to go to the hotel and push buttons.  We also had a cute conversation about who he loves more.  He says he loves his cousins all equally.  He lists them out.  He has pictures of his cousins on his nightstand and gets very mad when one falls to the floor.  He is our lovey, cuddly boy. 

This week I polished up these earrings and put them together.  They are an imprint of knitting made on a medal disk.

Knit Earrings

My friend died my Mondo Cable Cardi so the color various looks normal.  She did a good job dying it.  So this sweater is now done, finally. 

Modo Cardi DetailModo Cable Modeled2Modo Cable Modeled3

Off and on I have been working on a sock design for Nithin.  I have finished one of the socks.  Here it is.  My friends want me to call it the mutant sock.  It is because I made the toe so that where the big two is much taller since Nithin’s big tow is so much longer than the rest.  So I made the sock so it specifically fits his foot.

One Mutant Sock


One response to “Catching Up & Getting Ready

  1. Suren and Lita Shenoy

    The sock looks cute! We think the design should be called “Frankensteinian”

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