Bye Bye 2010

Looking back at 2010 lets look back…

Here is a picture of Munchkin in January at Disneyworld and then December with Santa to show his growth.

 Character Lunch Little Einstein4macys-santaland cropped

Some big milestones this year for Munchkin and us are: New Big Boy Room, First Haircut, 2nd Birthday, and Lost Ned

Here are all the places we went.  Looking back we were pretty busy. 


In knitting here are all the projects I completed.  There are over 33 since some have a couple items as part of it. 


  1. Avalanche Vest
  2. Eris
  3. Bunny
  4. Cuff Booties
  5. Teacher Bags
  6. Slip Jig Socks
  7. Raglan
  8. Castcadia Socks
  9. Debbie Bliss Dress
  10. Green Sweater
  11. Steggie Sweater
  12. Swing Set Socks
  13. My Heart Beets for You Socks
  14. Mittens for Munchkin
  15. Pumpkins
  16. Bracelets for Teachers (One & Two)
  17. Juneberry Shawl
  18. Camel Vest
  19. Crazy Hat
  20. Snapdragon Hat and Mittens
  21. Twilight Alice Gauntlets
  22. Eleanor Mittens
  23. Avalon Cardigan
  24. Ribbed Baby Cardigan
  25. Llama Hat
  26. Robot Socks
  27. Williamsburg Mits
  28. Sheep Sweater
  29. Entralac Scarf
  30. Claudia Hats
  31. Bunny Blanket
  32. Norwegian Sweet Baby Hat
  33. Striped Hats

I won 3 First Place Ribbons at our local fair for my knitting

I started Wild Apple Bohus Sweater but never finished the ribbing.  That will be a big goal next year. 

Goals for next year…


  • Finish the Wild Apple Bohus Sweater and enter it in a fair that is bigger than the LI Fair
  • Make myself a shawl
  • Knit more for myself.  A lot of the above was for others.


  • Eat better and exercise more.  I have put on too much weight this year.
  • Get out of limbo land at work.

Onto a great 2011! 


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