Williamsburg Family Event

Dec 2nd. was my mom’s birthday.  I made her the Lady Eleanor Entrelac  Stole.  I knit most of the stole and realized that I didn’t have enough yarn so I had to rip back to the beginning and make it a scarf. 

Pattern: Lady Eleanor Entralac Scarf from Scarf Style (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Briar Rose Fourth of July

Needles: size 6

Entralac ScarfEntralac Scarf Detail

I also made this little bunny blanket for my niece.  Super soft and cute toy.

Bunny Blanket

The weekend of Dec. 3rd we flew down to Williamsburg for the weekend to spend it with my family (mom, dad, sister and her family) and see the Christmas decorations. 

Here is an album of our best pictures from the trip: https://cid-2d449d060e15c48f.skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?page=play&resid=2D449D060E15C48F!5154&authkey=pSe!h6aBfgA%24

Munchkin did a great job traveling on the plane.  Didn’t like the drive from the airport to the hotel too much.  But he really loved seeing his cousin, grandma and grandpa.  I think my sister and her husband are still seen as the vehicle to deliver his cousin at this point as he calls them “cousin’s mommy or daddy” still.  We will work on it but that is cute anyway. 

I love Williamsburg.  I just eat up all the history and acting out that history.  The first day there Munchkin was enamored by the horses and their poop.  Yes, my child would yell “poopie” and point them out whenever he saw them.  That wore off by day 2.  I saw this woman trying on a period dress.  You can buy them in adult sizes, who knew.  I so wanted one but where do you where things like that?  We did dinner at Christina Campbell’s Tavern the first night which was fantastic.  Here are some pictures of Day 1 and the decorations which I just love.  Much more of the decorations is in the album

Williamsburg3Williamsburg Palace

On Saturday we headed out bright and early and found a parade to be going on in the town.  Santa was at the end of the parade.  I asked Santa if he could chat with us and Munchkin went right up to him and asked for his flashlight.  Very brave.  Santa said he could have the flashlight as long as he left cookies and milk for him and carrots for the reindeer.  This was a total highlight.  Munchkin posed with them all on his own with no issue. 

Williamsburg SantaWilliamsburg Talking to Santa

We went to the capital building where Munchkin takes a seat right at the table all on his own.  Everyone else sits back on the benches.  Bold little guy.  Then we went to the coffee house.  The hot chocolate was really good and reminded me of Mirabelle but it had a spice to it.

Williamsburg Govnt Building TourWilliamsburg Coffee Shop

Here is a cute picture of Munchkin and his cousin in their hand made hats by me. 

Williamsburg Cousins

We went into a house and they asked if you would like to have tea.  Munchkin gets right up on the chair on his own and has his fake tea.Williamsburg Time for Tea

Sunday we did the other parts of the town we missed on Sat.  Munchkin really liked the blacksmith.  We stayed for a while and he wanted to go back but we didn’t make it.

Williamsburg BlacksmithWilliamsburg Family Lunch

We went to a nice dinner before Illuminations which is Williamsburg’s big fireworks which are synchronized in front of the governors house, armory, and government building.  Munchkin loves his chocolate pudding.  Williamsburg Pudding Kid (2)Williamsburg IlluminationsWilliamsburg Illuminations2Williamsburg Illuminations3

That night we decided our little drummer boy and his cousin should due the cuttie thing and bath together.  There aren’t many good pics of them both looking at the camera and happy.  But they had a great time.  I love this little picture of our neice.

Williamsburg Drummer BoyWilliamsburg Niece 2Williamsburg Tub Time

Our last day we had breakfast together and everyone headed out.  We went to Jamestown settlement before heading to the airport and did some shopping.  I bought my first piece of art which just arrived yesterday.  Will post a picture in a future post. 

Williamsburg FamilyWilliamsburg NieceWilliamsburg Walking

At Jamestown settlement Munchkin got to see the Indian village and go on the ships which one they said he could steer.  He just loved it.  We headed to the airport early for fear there would be traffic which was good.  They canceled our flight due to delays and they were able to put us on an earlier flight.  While waiting at the airport we even got to eat a crab cake dinner which was very nice.  We got home early. 

Jamestown Ship SteeringJamestown CornmealJamestown Indian Teepee

It was a perfect trip overall.  Very fun and memorable. 

Then onto getting ready for Christmas which is the reason for this delayed post.


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