Getting Ready for the Holidays

The past couple weekends have been nice because we haven’t had jammed packed commitments.  Last weekend it was beautiful out so we took the train into the city and spent the day in Bryant Park.  The Christmas markets are up there.  We had lunch and shopped.  There was a carousel which Munchkin just loves.  He went on it twice.


We went to the Japanese book store where I got this knitter doll.  We also went to the Lionel train store with Munchkin.  The trains were much too big for him though.  But he liked pressing the buttons.

Craft Girl

There was a story teller in the park which Munchkin was totally captivated by.  He actually sat still for an hour, listened and participated. 

Listening to Storyteller

There was one story where the kids got into it which Munchkin was first to volunteer.  This is why he has the scarf on.  They needed an adult an of course no one else spoke up.  So I was was the grandma in the story.Munchkin in StoryGrandma

Munchkin and I caught colds last weekend and we still have them this weekend.  They just seem to be hanging around. 

This weekend we have been getting ready for trips and the holidays.  We actually started decorating the house for Christmas, wrapped Christmas presents to bring with us to Thanksgiving.  We are going to be away for the next two weekends so we have to start early.  We also had a lot of leaves to clean up all over the yard.  So we have been busy getting the house and everything ready to go away for Thanksgiving.  We baked pumpkin bread for the week. 

In knitting I have 3 more presents to finish for Christmas.  All of which are more than half completed so I am in really good shape.  I can’t wait to make something for me. 


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