Sunday Thursday

This Tuesday after dinner we asked Munchkin if he wanted a brownie sundae.  He say no he wants a brownie Thurday.  It turned out he just wanted the ice cream.  Of course.  It was a funny conversation though. 

All week Munchkin said “Grandma and Grandpa will be happy to see me” because he knew we were going to visit them this last weekend.  The Stitches conference was in Hartford which isn’t too far from my parents house.  So I went off to Stitches for the day on Friday and Sat. to take a Color class and Japanese knitting class.  Both were excellent.  Munchkin and Nithin went off with Grandma and Grandpa for various activities…

Morning boat ride.  They are taking their lives in their hands with Munchkin driving the boat.

Boat DrivingBoat Driving2Boating with Dad

Park and Children’s Museum


Airplane Museum


We came home Saturday night so we were home for Halloween and leaf cleanup.

Fall LeavesFall Leaves2Scooping the PumpkinPumpkin


In knitting I finished a bunch of Christmas projects last week.  I am on the home stretch.  Of course you will have to wait to see until after Christmas. 


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