Royal Pains & 3 First Place Wins

This week was a busy one.  Wed. night we went out to dinner at Oheka Castle one of the Gold Coast mansions.  We drove up and realized it was Boris’ house from Royal Pains which we watch.  So that was pretty cool.  The house was amazing but the food was just OK. 

Oheka Oheka Stairs

Friday we left work early to go to the LI Fair where we saw I won 3 first place ribbons.  Here is Munchkin and me near Munchkin’s 1st place sweater.

Munchkin with his Prize Winning Sweater LI Fair Winning Sweater

My 1st place socks in the middle there.LI Fair Winning Socks

My nieces Christmas stocking I made her last year was also 1st.

LI Fair Winning Stocking 

Munchkin loves seeing the animals at the fair.Munchkin in Petting Zoo

Saturday we went to New Jersey to see Nithin’s family and hang out for the day.  Before we went we said to Munchkin we were meeting his cousins and he was excited about that and then asked who else he would see and he said Meenha.  He kept on talking about Meenha before the visit.  Meenha is his cousins dog.  We got there and he started calling Nithin’s sister Meenha.  Turns out he thinks Nithin’s sister is the dogs name.  He hasn’t figured out the difference between Aunt and Uncle so everyone is an Aunt including Aunt David. 

Munchkin lost a ball in the bushes in New Jersey and again dad couldn’t get the ball but Fireman Sam could.  There was a playground across the street that was very nice.  We went there twice.  Munchkin’s cousin posed and then of course Munchkin needs to do the same. 

Munchkin had everyone in the family wrapped around his finger.  If he wanted something he grabbed someones hand and made them come with them or got them to pick him up.  He had only met Nithin’s cousin’s girlfriend once and he had her taking him upstairs. 

Wall Cousin  Wall Copy Cat NJ Playground

Sunday we went to a local fire station that had an open house.  It was so cool.  We got there and went on a ride in a fire engine.  Munchkin got to spray the fire hose, see a fire dog, get on the ladder, and get an awesome goody bag.  Here is us on the fire engine ride…

Fire Truck RideFire Truck Ride2Fire Truck Ride3Fire Truck2  

He even got to spray the fire hose.Fire Hose Fire Hose2 Fire Ladder     Fire Truck

Munchkin saw the face painting and dragged us over there to get it done.  Very good choice of a pumpkin.Face PaintingFace Painting2

In knitting I am almost done with one of the larger Christmas gifts.  I also finished My Heart Beets for You Socks that Rock Socks.  Need to block them and get pictures up. 


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