I Can Read

I read my first real book since Munchkin! I read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I then realized there are two more books in the series. Arg.

This week I finished 1 of the projects I needed to finish prior to Christmas.  I made Munchkin the Steggie Sweater.  I even changed it to have dinosaur buttons.  it turned out super cute.   This puts me at 25% complete for the knitting projects I have to complete for Christmas.

Pattern: Steggie

Needles: Size 7

Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft DK

Steggie Steggie Button Detail

This weekend we made it to the pool for family swim.  Munchkin swam on his own for almost a half hour.  This was the first time we were able to get him into a pool in almost a month. 

Our special trip this weekend was to the Bronx Zoo.  Munchkin had a great time and we saw all the animals he wanted to: alligator, tiger, monkey, sea lions, and bears.  But no cows.  He wanted to see cows for some reason.  Here are some of our pictures.

First thing Munchkin sees is this and has to get his picture taken.

Bronx Zoo Munchkin and Dad RinoBronx Zoo Rino2

Bears playing

 Bronx Zoo Bears2


Bronx Zoo Gorilla 

Turtle and Munchkin

Bronx Zoo Munchkin Turtle 


Bronx ZooLemur

ABC Furniture Warehouse is so close to the zoo and I have wanted to go forever.  So I finally got to go and got this 1940’s antique French Chair to use at my makeup table.  It is gorgeous and getting it at the warehouse means it was a deal. 

New Chair

Starting a new Christmas knitting project this week I can’t share as that person may check my blog.  Those types of projects I will post soon after Christmas.


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