Busy Couple Weeks

It has been a couple weeks.  We found out that Ned had cancer from the autopsy. 

Last weekend I went on a yarn crawl with my knitting friends.  It was a really fun time and good to have folks who have a better direction than myself along.  We went to Knitty City (my favorite), Greenmarket in Union Square and Purl Soho.

Yarn Crawl 2010

Then Nithin, Munchkin and I went Sunday for a cruise around Manhattan which were tickets leftover from last year when the helicopter went down in the Hudson.  It was a nice relaxing trip which we all enjoyed and were surprised Munchkin did well until the last half hour.  Here are some of our pics:

NYC Cruise Intrepid NYC Cruise Daddy and Munchkion NYC Cruise Ellis Island   NYC Cruise Statue of Liberty2NYC Cruise Statue of LibertyNYC Cruise Statue of Liberty3NYC Cruise Manhattan NYC Cruise Manhattan2 NYC Cruise Manhattan3NYC Cruise Brooklyn BridgeNYC Cruise Manhattan Bridge NYC Cruise Mommy and Munchkin NYC Cruise Munchkin Cheesing it Up NYC Cruise Seaport   

This past week was a bit busy with me going on customer visits for work 3 days this week.  I went to New Jersey 3 times in the matter of a week.  That is probably the longest I have ever been in New Jersey.  🙂

On the way home from one of my NYC customer visits I went to Seaport Yarn which is funny because it isn’t really near the Seaport.  They had a great selection of yarn there but it just didn’t feel like a yarn shop.  Of course I made some purchases.

Yesterday we chilled out and did things around the house and went to the pool which Munchkin loves.  Then today we went took the train to NYC which was the longest Munchkin has been on the train which he loved until the last 5 min.  Then we went to the Central Park Zoo.  Munchkin had a great time seeing the animals and playing.  We thought he might gravitate to one of the animals and require us to buy him something relating to the animal but that didn’t happen. 

Central Park Zoo This is WhereCentral Park Zoo Polar BearsCentral Park Zoo Sea LionCentral Park Zoo Bunny Central Park Zoo Bunny2   Central Park Zoo Spider Web Central Park Zoo Spider Web2  Central Park Zoo Turtle

Munchkin didn’t get his nap at the normal times and we thought for sure we would have an issue, but we didn’t.  As you can see in these pictures it looks like he is going to fall asleep.  We want to FAO Swartz and got Munchkin a fire truck since he seems to be in a fireman phase.  We have started watching a new show “Fireman Sam” and he says he wants to be a firefighter for Halloween.  We also made a muppet while there which Nithin and I have wanted to do for ages but have been waiting until Munchkin was old enough.  They had colorforms where you created your own muppet on paper and then they made it for you.  Here is Munchkin with his muppet picture and then the finished muppet.  Then Nithin decides to carry the muppet home on his back.  The muppet is yet to be named. 

  Muppet PlanMuppet Done Muppet Going Home

This week I finished the EZ Green Sweater just after Elizabeth Zimmerman’s 100th birthday.  I got the button’s in Norway last year.  It looks great. 

Pattern: Green Sweater

Needles: Size 4

Yarn: Briggs Little Sport 1 ply in Fir Green which the mill replicated the yarn from the original sweater. 

EZ Green Sweater Buttons EZ Green Sweater

Believe it or not that is all…


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