Raspberry & Circus

This was Munchkin’s last week of school.  So there was end of the year party and gifts.  He goes back Wed. for summer session.  Grandma and Grandpa are here to take care of Munchkin on Monday and Tuesday.  This weekend we wanted to go strawberry picking but there are no more strawberries in Long Island.  So we went raspberry picking and blueberry picking.  The berries are the best I have tasted in my life.  Here are some pictures of Munchkin picking the berries.

Let the berry picking beginPicking RasberriesPicking Rasberries2

Of course our boy eats as many berries as he picks.  Here he shows you that and shows what he has picked.

Rasberries are TastyShowing his Bounty    

We went for a little bike ride on Saturday night as a family.  Munchkin liked sitting on the back of the bike. 

Sunday we went swimming in the morning.  Munchkin loves swimming.  He did really well swimming a lot on his own.  We were always nearby and there if he was tired.  The boy does a great job swimming now he just needs to learn to close his mouth.  He did swallow a bit of water.  Sunday night we went to the circus.  Munchkin loved it and was captivated. 

 Big Apple Circus Munchkin and Dad at CircusBello the Clown


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