Sesame Place

This weekend we went to Pennsylvania.  We left our house at 7am (we are up at 6am anyway because of Munchkin) and headed down.  We went to an Amish furniture place first and found a bedroom set we liked.  It is a cross between a shaker and mission style.  We got it in cherry.  Then we headed over to Sesame Place.  The line to get in was really long.  We got in and ate to make sure we were ready for the day.  We went to get our pictures taken with Elmo and Big Bird first. 

Sesame Place Munchkin and Elmo

While I was getting our family picture printed with the green screen replaced with the Sesame Street back drop Munchkin and Nithin went and jumped on a big "bed”.  We went to Big Birds Balloon Race and headed over to the parade.

Sesame Place Bouncing on Bed

Munchkin was a little afraid at first but then got into the parade. 

Sesame Place Parade2  Sesame Place Parade

We did a bunch of water activities which is why the pictures stop.  We went on a water slide, a rambling river, and a water park for the kids.  Munchkin loved them all.  He was the happiest playing in this water park with water flowing and things to move and play with.  Then Munchkin decided to take a nap.  Poor kid was so happy on the water activities but was so tired he fell asleep in our arms.  After nap we went to the Counts Water park and then changed and went to Elmo’s Fish ride.  The ride is kinda like dumbo so Munchkin loved it. 

Sesame Place Elmo Ride  

After that we left the park, went to get dinner and passed out in our hotel.  We asked Munchkin if he liked Sesame Place and he said “no”.  We asked him if he wanted to go back and he said “no”.  He had a great time though so we aren’t quite sure why he says no.  Someday we will figure it out. 

We came home early Sunday morning and after lunch Munchkin and I went to the swimming pool.  Munchkin loved swimming and remembered what to do right away.  He even pushed me away and swam in his own a little bit for about 30 seconds at a time.  It was really cool. 

Munchkin was tired so we came home for a nap and while he was napping I made blueberry cupcakes.  Blueberries were on sale this weekend.  We had a nice fathers day dinner of steelhead trout, kale from our CSA share and some couscous (Munchkin’s favorite)

Blueberry Cupcakes

In knitting I am working on a project for Beignet’s first birthday, the green sweater, and I finished the hat for my Master Knitter’s class to find out I was off in my counting by a few stitches.  So I will finish that hat and give it to someone and make the final project Master Knitter hat again.  Then I have to write my report and I am done with the Master Knitter class level 1. 


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