Happy Birthday & New Room

We took Friday off because it was Nithin’s 35th Birthday.  We went to the Met and went to an amazing chocolate shop, La Maison Du Chocolat.  We headed home early to miss the Friday afternoon traffic.  We searched and it turns out the top burger on Long Island is just down the road from us.  So we got burgers from there.  We got a babsitter for Saturday night and went out for dinner and to see the Green Zone movie. 

Munchkin’s bed came this weekend.  So the toddler room is not complete.  He has a new trundle bed, desk, easel, toy storage, and rocket tent. 

NewMunchkinBed NewRoomDesk NewRoomToy Storage NewRoomRocket (2)

In knitting I am almost done with a bunny for Munchkin for Easter.  I just have to do the eyes and ears to do.  I am still working on the Wild Apple Sweater body.  I am at 11 inches and need to be at 15. 


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