Preparing for our Little Toddler

This week Friday was Pajama day on Friday at school.  So going through the PJs that were clean there weren’t many options.  We sent Munchkin to school in his red pajama’s with his Llama Llama Red Pajama book and stuffed animal to share with the kids.  The total hit was the Elmo slippers he wore to school.  All the kids came running when we walked in and were pointing at Munchkins feet yelling Elmo. 

We went shopping to a few more kids stores for trundle beds for Munchkin.  I think we found the one we want.  We are hoping if we go back next weekend during Presidents day weekend there will be a sale.  So we will go next weekend to buy the bed. 

Saturday we were supposed to get a couple of inches of snow but it never happened.  To beat out the snow we went grocery shopping Saturday morning so I had ingredients to make Elmo cupcakes.  We are doing trial runs to see if we like Elmo cupcakes or cake better for Munchkin’s birthday in May.  I read on the web that you use the grass frosting tip to make hair on Elmo and it worked great.  The first row I bought while M&Ms for eyes, orange M&Ms for a nose and fudge frosting for the mouth and pupils in the eyes.  I am not sure how much I like these but Munchkin likes them a lot.  The bottom row has Elmo fur and an Elmo candy on top.  They are in an Elmo paper but you can’t see that well because I made chocolate cupcakes.  You can see Munchkin loved eating Elmo.  He wanted a second.  We had to put them away to take them out of his mind. 

Elmo Cupcake Munchkin Eating Elmo Cupcake

Munchkin is talking more and putting more 2 word sentences together.  He even now says “more please” when he wants more of something.  This is good but sometimes he screams it if he doesn’t get what he wants fast enough. 

We also went to Ikea this weekend to get Munchkin a chair for the desk that is in the garage, animal comforter cover and a toy storage system for his room.  We are trying to move from the baby phase to the toddler phase in Munchkin’s room.  I think he will still be in his crib for a while longer but I would like to get the 2nd bed out of his room and in a trundle so we can move some of his toys and things up there.  We have an easel and a kids desk for him that are in the basement and garage now because there is no where to put them.  This is our winter project for the house.  The next winter project to tackle is to clean-up the basement some.  Lets see if we get to that one.  Definitely not as much fun as working on Munchkin’s room.

Tonight Nithin and I are going out on date night.  We don’t care much for football so missing the Super Bowl isn’t a big deal. 

In knitting I have been preparing for my Olympics project getting everything together so all I have to do Friday is start the project.  I am also working on my Socks that Rock socks that came in the mail last week.  I am about to turn the heal. 


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