Busy Week

This week was super busy for us.  Nithin went to Seattle for 4 days so Munchkin and I stayed home and kept the homestead going.  We had fun going to play class on Tues and made an adventure to the mall.  We went to Ikea which was a very big challenge with Munchkin because the store was so big and his tolerance for shopping had wrapped up. Until Friday it didn’t seem to really phase Munchkin that dad was gone.  On Friday he started looking at pictures and saying “dada”.  I would ask him if he missed dada and he always said yes.

Saturday Nithin came home.  We had a busy weekend doing work to catch up prior to leaving Wed. for Disney World.  We were also working on laundry and packing.  Munchkin went to swim class and did really well this week swimming on his own and floating on his back.  This was his best week yet Nithin said.  I missed this week to work on packing.  My parents are here for the weekend to take care of Munchkin on Martin Luther King day.  This allowed us to go and see the Leap Year movie on Saturday night.  The movie was cheesy I enjoyed it a lot.  I love Amy Adams and Matthew Good.

I was busy with work and Munchkin this week so I didn’t knit this week but a couple hours.  Just took a break from work to do this post.  Back to work. 


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