Snow and Trip to MOMA

This week we went to work.  On New Years Eve morning it started snowing so we stayed home.  Munchkin and I went outside to play in the snow.  He loved being pulled up and down the street in his sled but didn’t at all enjoy making this snow man.  In the last picture he was crying.  The snowman fell over later in the afternoon so we didn’t do the best of jobs. 

Snow Baby Snow Man Snowman Take 2

On New Years we went into NYC to go to MOMA and see the Tim Burton exhibit and generally visit the museum.  Since we were so close we went up to Rockefeller Center and saw the tree.  Munchkin fell asleep hard as he wouldn’t get up to see the tree.  On the way back to the car we even saw Elmo and Cookie Monster on the street and he wouldn’t wake up for that either.  On the way home we stopped to buy Munchkin a new pair of shoes.  He has outgrown his current shoes in only 3 months.  We bought him his own pair of Converse. 

Munchkin at MOM Tim Burton My Boys at NYC Tree

This weekend we have been laying low taking down the Christmas decorations and generally cleaning up the house.  I am finishing up a vest with Robot buttons and am ripping out my Eris sweater sleeves to redo them.


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