First Phrase & Santa Visit of 2009

Munchkin had a fever on Friday so he stayed home.  We thought he was teething but then broke out in a rash all over his body so today was his first day back at day care.  This weekend was pretty relaxed.  We went to a craft fair in NYC called Craftacular and finally saw New Moon.  New Moon wasn’t as good as Twilight in my opinion was better but I did enjoy New Moon.  We went to the local nursery with Grandma and Santa was there.  Munchkin would stand next to him and give him only one high five.  We didn’t break out in tears which was good but he didn’t want to get much closer to Santa.


Munch started saying his first phrase.  Nithin was singing him the wheels on the bus a lot lately.  At the end of each chorus it ends with “all through the town”.  This phrase Munchkin picked up and says now. 


I am working on the foot of Baby Beignet’s stocking.  Well she will get it by Christmas at least.  The stocking is absolutely amazing. 

Stocking In Progress


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