Recovery and Teacher Gifts

Last week Munchkin and I had the flu.  So we spent pretty much all week at home and last weekend recovering.  After I felt a little bit better I finished Munchkin’s teacher gifts.  I knit little hats and scarves for each bottle of wine.  They turned out very cute.  Munchkin moved up classes a week ago so I wanted to do something nice for his teachers.  Moving up to the new class finally reduces the tuition we have to pay.  The day has finally come that we are paying a reasonable amount for day care.  We love our day care although when we were looking at day cares this one was the most expensive. 

Wine Bottle Hats

The entire family got flu shots this week so hopefully this bout of flu is the end of it.  This week Munchkin started the next age group for play class.  He did a great job doing all the activities and keeping up with the kids physically.  The other kids were a lot older so they all knew their shapes and colors though. 

We also went to Munchkin’s 18th month check-up.  He is 26.7 pounds and 33 inches tall.


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