Adventurous Munchkin

This weekend grandma and grandpa came for a visit.  Munchkin is getting around and being an active little baby.  Nithin and Grandpa replaced a part in our kitchen light and Munchkin climbs up on the ladder with very little help. 


We also went shopping for a new pair of shoes as Munchkin’s previous pair fell off all the time.  We got him a cute little pair of Van sneakers.

In our swimming class Munchkin is getting a lot better at kicking but still doesn’t love being on his back.  Later in the day Sunday we all went with grandma and grandpa to a local farm where Munchkin loved playing in the straw, playing in the kids houses, and seeing the animals. 

White Post Farm Hay Play  White Post Farm Munchkin in the StrawWhite Post Farm Straw Play2White Post Farm Pumpkin PatchWhite Post Farm Pumpkin PlayWhite Post Farm House PlayWhite Post Farm Driving the Truck White Post Farm Observing Anima White Post Farm Observing Animals    White Post Farm Watching Animals 

This week Munchkin was watching Sesame Street as usual.  He took it upon himself to put his fireman hat on and ride his horse.  So adorable…Fireman Riding Horse


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