Vacation Yarn Purchases

I finally went through all my yarn and knitting related purchases from the vacation.  I tried to get to at least one yarn shop in each city. 

Oslo, Norway

Everything here was so expensive so didn’t buy much yarn.  A bottled water was $4.  Did buy this traditional Siestal sweater.  Also bought some buttons which are way cheaper than buying them here.

Norway Yarn Siestal Sweater Siestal Sweater Detail

Berlin, Germany

The largest department store in Germany KaDeWa had these finds.  Also got a lot of fun kids buttons.  I love the yarn in the last picture as it is like Noro in colors but way softer.  The darker blue yarn is called galaxy and is supposed to look like the solar system which will be cool in some way for a little Munchkin.

Germany Cotton Yarn Germany Galaxy Yarn Germany Yarn

Tallin, Estonia

This place was a knitters paradise.  They have a big knitting culture and everything was so cheap.  I bought traditional mittens and gloves.  Their embroidery was absolutely beautiful so I bought a little purse.  The shawls are traditional hand knit Hapssalu shawls that show lily’s of the valley.  The sweater was designed by a local designer and machine knit.  The yarn is all wool and made in Estonia.

Estonian MittenEstonian Gloves Estonian Purse Cat Gloves Estonia Shawl Off White Estonia Shawl White Estonia Sweater Back Estonia Sweater Front Estonia Yarn Estonia Yarn2 

St. Petersburg, Russia

Yes, I found a small yarn store in St. Petersburg not far from Nevsky Prospect. 

Russian Lace Yarn Russian Wool Yarn

Helsinki, Finland

Finland makes so much nice yarn.  By this time I was tired of yarn shopping.  Can you believe it?  Their sock yarn is really nice.  I also found some soft wool/bamboo yarn which is the pink yarn below

Finland Sock Yarn Finland Sock Yarn2 Finland Wool Bamboo Yarn Finland Yarn

Stockholm, Sweden

Turns out not much yarn is made in Sweden but they do some beautiful dying of the yarn.  Here were my favorite finds which were amazing colors of purple and died in Sweden. 

Sweden Yarn Sweden Yarn2


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