Outing in the City

Here are some pictures of Munchkin at daycare.  They have taken some really good ones. 

 Day Care Day Care Eating

After this week we only have one more week of swimming lessons this summer.  I think we will do them again in the fall.

This weekend we went into the city intending to go on a 2 hour boat ride around the city.  There was a plane crash on the Hudson not far from where our boat was leaving so the boat wasn’t going to go south.  We decided to hold off on the boat ride until another time when we can go past the statue of liberty.  Very sad there was a plane and helicopter crash.  About 3 years ago we took one of those sight seeing helicopters.  Very sad.

So we went down to Chelsea to the piers, market and walked along the high line park that is new.  Munchkin loved to look at the water. 

Munchkin at the HudsonIn Chelsea Park Mom and Babe on Hi Line 

After Chelsea we went to meet up with a friend and his fiancé for dinner.  It was nice to meet up with them and have an adult dinner.  Munchkin slept until we were done with the main course. 

Sunday was a grey day so we just did little things around the house.  Here is a picture of Nithin on the roof of the house cleaning off the roof this morning. 



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