Yarn Crawl & Swim Lessons

This weekend I went with a few knitting girlfriends on a NYC Yarn Crawl.  We met at the train station and headed into the city for 10am.  We headed to School Products, then Habu.  We then made our way to Soho and went to Mariebelle for an excellent lunch and then went to Purl Soho.  I got inspiration for a knitted gift I have to do at Purl Soho and then bought some fabric for skirts my mom will make for me.  I will take pictures when they are done. 

Nithin posted some good videos recently of Munchkin showing his early love for chocolate and playing the harmonica

Munchkin had grandma and grandpa over for the weekend.  He went to swimming lessons with Nithin.  This was his first swimming lesson which he did OK at.  All they did was to “swim” back and forth in the pool.  Hopefully next week is more engaging.  Sunday we went back to the pool.  The pool doesn’t allow cameras so not many pictures this week of Munchkin. 

Munchkin is teething again.  I hope this is the last time as he doesn’t have many more spaces left in his mouth for teeth.  He is loving going out every night on his bike and riding with the neighbor kids.  I swear he is getting really close to talking.  We sometimes hear him say real words, like umbrella. 

We went out Sunday night to watch Harry Potter.  It was really good.  We both enjoyed it. 

I am almost through with the yoke of Munchkin’s fair isled yoke cardigan.  After this just plain knitting.  I got more yarn to finish Munchkin’s stocking.

This week is back to the grind of working.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be independently wealthy?  I really need our vacation in less than a month. 


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