Summer Has Arrived

Summer in Long Island has arrived.  It was hot and rainy and so humid you just want to bathe multiple times during the day.  Because of the rain we were kinda limited in our activities.  We ended up hanging around home.  Friday I had to work a lot.  We did manage to get a walk in.  I
 made Munchkin’s teachers gifts Saturday morning before it got really hot.  I made 3 types of breads, chocolate zucchini, lemon poppyseed, and banana bread wrapped by a ribbon and put in a boat bag.  This is Munchkin’s last week in his current class.  He moves up to the next class in a week.  This is sad because we really liked his current teachers. 
We then went to the mall for the Macy’s sale to get Nithin and Munchkin dress clothes for our cruise vacation in Aug.  Macy’s was having a really good sale.  We had Greek for dinner.  It was hilarious how much pita and hummus that Munchkin managed to eat.  He had almost 2/3’s of a pita. 
For Father’s day Nithin got a zune alarm clock and matching baby, dad PJs.  We went out to breakfast and Muchkin ate almost half of Nithin’s hash.  We almost should have ordered him his own serving he ate that much.  It was funny.  We tried to eat lunch outside and it failed.  Most of Munchkin’s lunch is still out on the patio.  I hope some animals come and clean it up.  For once we didn’t have to vacuum after each meal.  Munchkin is getting some of his back teeth and eye teeth so he is having a hard time with it lately.  He is also walking up a storm.  He knows when it is time to go and gets to the door and waits for us, walks out to the car and waits for us to put him in the car.  He is so smart. 
In knitting I am working on a silk scarf.  I haven’t knit as much this week because work has gotten in the way. 

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