First Zoo Trip

This week Munchkin started getting up and walking all on his own.  He will walk up to 25-30 feet on his own.  He is totally doing the Frankenstein walk with his arms up in the air.  This weekend we went to the Renegade Craft Fair and the Zoo in Brooklyn.  Here are some pictures of our Zoo trip. 


Munchkin and Dad at the monkey exhibit.  He found another child more exciting here.

At the Monkeys Other Kids more Interesting than Monkeys

We went to see a cow and Munchkin pulled himself right up to see.

Munchkin and Cow

Munchkin takes in an otter.

Munchkin and Otter

Munchkin needed a closer look at the sheep.  Good boy.  He knows how much mom likes sheep wool.

 Munchkin and Sheep

We saw a kangaroo.

Munkin and Kangaroo 

Today we tried the pool in the back yard again.  He will stand in the pool now, but won’t sit in it.  So at least we are making progress.  Last week he wouldn’t even touch the water. 

Munchkin Pool

In knitting I am done with the cat ssweater for Munchkin.  Just need to wash it. 

Cat Sweater Cat Seater Detail

I finished the front of the Weasley sweater too.  Now onto the arms.

 Weasley Sweater In Progress


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