First Birthday

This Saturday we had a family birthday party for Munchkin.  I made a little sweater vest just for this occasion. 

Birthday Boy (2)

Here are some pictures of the birthday boy.  Here he is in his first birthday gear and his cake:

Cake Eating   Birthday Cake  Birthday card picture2Birthday card picture3Birthday Boy

We had a “1” pinata:

Birthday card pictureBirthday Pinata OpenBirthday Pinata  

Here is munchkin opening some presents:

Birthday Monkey Birthday Presents (2)Birthday Presents 

Munchkin got a pull along dog.  Since he loves this dog book he has come to wave both arms whenever you say “Stop dog stop”.  So we all got a kick out of showing Munchkin’s skills. 🙂  Stop Dog Stop present

After this we played a game of Munchkin trivia which quizzed the family on little facts about Munchkin.  It was great fun by all. 

My mom made Munchkin a quilt with all our favorite shirts and onesies from his first year. 

Birthday Quilt 

Munchkin’s cake was building blocks with his name spelled out.  I also made “R” and “S” cookies for everyone to take home.

R and S Cookes

Overall Munchkin did so well with everyone around and participating in his party.  He was so excited from the day though that it was tough to get him to bed. 


The cousins were all watching Disney in the morning on the couch:

The Cousins

We had to do add a 1 year mark to Munchkins growth chart.  What a good picture of Munchkin and dad.  First Birthday Height

Munchkin is so close to walking.  He can walk holding one of your hands only.  So we thought it time to get him a good pair of shoes to aid his walking outside.  So he got these “stylin” sneakers this Sunday.  He looks so smart.  New Shoes  

Now life goes back to normal.  🙂


One response to “First Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Rowan!!Mom’s haircut looks cool, too!

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