Kiss Me I’m Irish

Munchkin wore his Kiss Me I’m Irish shirt this week on St. Patrick’s Day. 

St Patrick's Day Baby

Munchkin caught a cold this week and I also caught it.  Nithin hasn’t gotten it yet.  🙂  Munchkin is also starting teething again this week.  We saw the acid poop, drooling like a rabid dog, and general crankiness.  I got called from day care twice this week because he pooped too much in one day and wouldn’t eat his lunch.  They found out about 10 min after they called about him not eating his lunch was because he had a huge poop that got everywhere including on the day care worker holding him.  That is our boy.  🙂 

Also this week Munchkin expanded his vocabulary from “bah bah bah bah” to “ma ma ma ma ma”.  Now if he could just put it together to say “mama”.  We are working on it.

We went to the mall on Saturday and got Munchkin his own chair for TV watching.  He does much better getting into and out of this smaller chair.  The cats like it too, they have already slept in it.  Macy’s and Khol’s were also having excellent sales on baby clothes so we pretty much have Munchkin’s summer wardrobe done.  Just need one more bathing suit and some summer shoes. 

New Chair 

I also finished making Munchkin’s Easter gift of a lamb puppet. 

Pattern: Estonian Hand Puppet by Anu Kotli and Carol H. Rhoades from Spin Off

Yarn: Dale of Norway

Needles: size 1

Estonian Lamb Puppet  Finished


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