Family Weekend in Philly

This weekend we went to Philly to see Nithin’s family and go to the flower show there this weekend.  It was a really nice weekend.  We had a nice time with the family and the flower show was really amazing.  Here are pictures from the flower show…

Here are some shoes that I love.

Flower Show - Shoes 3 Flower Show - ShoesFlower Show - Shoes 1

Here were some orchids that were bigger than I have ever seen.  So beautiful.

Flower Show - OrchidFlower Show - Orchid 2Flower Show - Orchid in GlassFlower Show - Orchid in Glass 2

The theme of the show this year was Italy so there was some beautifully themed displaysFlower Show - Tuscany       Flower Show - Roses   

Saturday night all of Nithin’s family got together for a big family dinner and birthday cake.  There are 3 birthdays in the next week and a half: Nithin’s aunt, our neice Surenna, and Nithin.  Here Munchkin helped blowing out the birthday cake candles:

Birthday Boys Happy Birthday Dad

Here are some family pictures:

Women of the Family Gramps and Baby  Munchkin & Bapuma The Smile Dancing Baby

This week munchkin is starting to try to stand on his own.  He can balance for a few seconds and then usually falls.  He is being more adventurous and trying to stand on his own.  I think he is getting more vocal too.  We haven’t heard words yet though.

In knitting I have been working on an Estonian lamb puppet for Munchkin for Easter.  I have to just finish one ear and then embroider a face.  I hate embroidery so expect completion of this project to take weeks. 

Estonian Lamb Puppet

I am back to working on Munchkin’s cat sweater.


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