Week of the Illness

Well I came home from work on Tues with a stomach flu this week.  Munchkin got it on Thurs.  By Saturday Munchkin got a bit better and Nithin’s sisters family came for the weekend with their three little girls.  We laid low for the weekend because we were all sick.  We only went out to our local Long Island Children’s Museum on Sunday.  It was intended for a little older group of kids than Munchkin.  There was a tot room which had a motorcycle for posing. 

Motorcycle Baby

We have been working on Munchkin to learn how to clap and wave.  He is starting to catch the waving almost.  You can see him trying in this picture.  Once this weekend Nithin and I were waving hi to him and he did the same thing but had his hand turned around so he was waving hi to himself.  It was so adorable. 

The Wave

Here are some cute pictures of Munchkin this week while we were home sick…Da Boyz

Overjoyed The Smile


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