Munchkin’s Sweater

Munchkin got a sweater when he was born from a knitting friend.  It is funny to see how he has worn it since he was 2 month old.  Here he is at 2 months:

Early July Sweather

3 months:

3 Month Birthday 032 

Today at 8 months:

8 Months Baby Sweater2 8 Months Baby Sweater

He will probably wear it for a few more weeks and then be grown out of it.  It has gotten a lot of wear. 

Munchkin’s this week tried turkey dinner baby food.  Munchkin applied for a passport this week.  So he can be a world traveler. 

This week was a pretty average week.  Very nice though because no one was sick.  With the cold weather he has really dry skin so we moisturize twice a day but it still doesn’t seem to be enough.  We have been going to bed every night at 9pm.  Munchkin is sleeping in his own room.  The fits of crying are significantly reduced but not gone.  He will now cry sometimes for 15 min or so when we started at an hour and half.  So sleeping on his own is getting much better.  Having time in the evening has allowed Nithin and I to keep up with our Blockbuster subscription.


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