First Fever

Last week Munchkin had his first fever of 102.  The fever only lasted one day but he was just out of sorts through Thurs.  He was fine on Friday and went to day care.  Friday evening we started the process of trying to get Rowan sleep in his own room.  He has slept in his own room every night to varying degrees of success every night.  We will keep with it and hope it gets better.  Some nights have been pretty nice where we have had the opportunity to watch a movie (XFiles – very disappointing movie) and the new season of 24. 

Nithin got a new camera lens last week and here are some of his first pictures with it.

Dinner TimeMommy and Munchkin

Grandma found this shirt that says “Daddy’s Rocker”.

Rockin Out  Daddy's Rocker Done

Munchkin’s feature of the week is that he is starting to use things around the house including his farm yard walker to hold onto and walk.  So we are getting close. 

He also is learning to mimic.  I crinkled my face and he did the same here.  Isn’t he the cutest.  I think so.  Munchkin Crinkle  

In knitting I am still working on Munchkin’s blanket.  I have been taking care of a sick baby or working a lot so not much knitting getting done. 


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