Christmas eve we had Coq Au Vin with potato pancakes and brussel sprouts.  For dessert we had Paris Brest for the second year in a row.  Overall this was a great meal. 


We thought it would prepare Munchkin for all the gifts he had to open so we would start on Christmas Eve and put him in training.  Here is Munchkin unwrapping his first gift and then promptly putting it in his mouth.


We got family pajamas this year.  Nithin agreed, I didn’t force it if that is your next thought.  Here we are on Christmas Eve before heading to bed.


Here is Munchkin with his gifts Santa left for him.


One last family picture in front of the tree in our PJs.


Waiting for Aunt Darryl and Uncle Rich to Arrive Munchkin and Grandpa were board with everyone in the kitchen preparing for the day so they decided to ride around in this box.


Here is Munchkin on his new rocking horse.  He loves to bounce so it is just perfect.


Munchkin working on more presents with Mom and Dad.


Munchkin got a LOT of toys.  He won’t need anything new until his birthday I think.  He is also good until the spring on clothes.  Nithin got money for his camera lens, Adobe Lightroom, camera bag and a new winter jacket.  I got ebony needles in all sizes, a Chumby, watch, and wireless card for my camera.  It was a great Christmas.

Here is our Christmas Dinner.  I did the Elton Brown’s City Ham recipe which was fantastic.  Then did squash, mushroom, gnocchi and a buche de noel for dessert.


I used the big cupcake pan I got for Christmas to make this cake for my dad’s birthday. 


Yesterday Nithin and I went into NYC to see Speed the Plow and eat at Spice Kitchen.  We got into the city early to go and see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and do some shopping.  We didn’t end up buying anything but had fun going to a bunch of stores.  We happened to be walking by the American Girl store and even went in there.  Oh my gosh that store is amazing.  We went to Toys R’Us in Times Square and weren’t able to find a talking Cookie Monster.  If you can’t find it there then does it exist?  The play was really not great.  Jeremy Piven was the lead character and he came down with mercury poisoning so a backup actor played the role which just didn’t make the play.  We went to Spice Market which had really good food.  We had a nice time hanging out alone with Munchkin home giving Grandma and Grandpa a run for their money. 


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