Munchkin is a Gnome

Munchkin has been doing really well branching out his types of foods.  He is currently loving sweet potato, peas, and pears.  He is becoming a real pro at eating with a spoon and we are seeing less food in his hair, on the floor, and on the high chair. 

Munchkin turned 6 months this weekend and to celebrate he was taken to Kiddie Kandids where he practiced being a top model and flashed some really good poses for the photographer. 

For Halloween Munchkin was a gnome.  He was so cute in his little hat and beard.  The hat I knit and we will reuse for Christmas and general wear.  So between being super busy at work and preparing the gnome costume that is all I have been up to lately.  Totally worth it when you see munchkin as a gnome.

Halloween 2008 006 Halloween 2008 020

Halloween 2008 030


2 responses to “Munchkin is a Gnome

  1. He is soo cute. And you even put him in the lawn like I asked you too.

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