Munchkin’s First Sheep & Wool Festival

The past few weeks have been fairly boring.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Everyone in the family got the cold at some point. 
  • Munchkin got moved to his own room, sleeping in his own crib. 
  • Grandma and Grandpa came a few times to take care of Munchkin when day care was closed. 
  • Munchkin recently started eating carrots and sweet potato.  He is getting much better at keeping more food in his mouth.  That food which makes it out he is really good at getting everywhere. 

Last weekend we went to the NY State Sheep and Wool Festival.  It was a really cold day in the Hudson Valley.  Our friends from Seattle Michele & Jeff came for the weekend to join us.  We went to the CIAs Italian (Ristorante Caterina De’ Medici) and French (Escoffier).  Here is Michele with Munchkin and Munchkin at the CIA:

Munchkin with Michele   Munchkin at CIA

Walking into the Sheep and Wool festival we saw a mommy kangaroo with her joey.  Here is a picture of us all walking around the fair.

Kanga Gang at Sheep and Wool 

Here are some memorable pictures from the Sheep and Wool festival taken by Michele:

See Nithin with a life size sheep.


There were a lot of February Lady sweaters to be found at the fair.  Here was the only one with the same color yarn as me.

Here are some pictures of Munchkin this weekend being his happy self at dinner and trying to eat the table.

Muchkin Happy Munchkin Eating Table at CIA

We toured Samuel Morse (inventor of Morse code).  Here is a picture of Munchkin and me in his back yard.Munchkin & Mom in Hudson Valley Oct 2008

Here is an awesome picture of Munchkin at day care:

Munchkin at Day Care Oct 2008 

At Escoffier we had my knitting group, Michele, Jeff, mom and dad.  Here is the group and our memorable moment of bananas foster being prepared.

EscoffierEscoffier Bannana Flombay

Here are pictures of our food both nights:

CIA Food  CIA Food2 CIA Food3 CIA Food8

CIA Food4 CIA Food5 CIA Food6 CIA Food7  CIA Food9 CIA Food10 CIA Food11 CIA Food12 CIA Food13 CIA Food14 CIA Food17

CIA Food15 CIA Food16 

CIA Food18 CIA Food19 CIA Food20


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