Prize Winning Knitter

I entered my knitting in the LI Fair and I won.  I was hoping to at least win one ribbon (a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd).  But I won 3.  I got 2 first prizes and a 2nd.  The silly thing is in addition to the ribbons I won a total of 13 bucks.  That won’t even pay for my cheapest yarn for a project I have made yet.  But as I told Nithin it isn’t about the money it is about the WIN!


Here is me with Munchkin and Nithin and my 2nd prize sweater:

Munchkin and Prize WinnerPrize Winner!Olympic Sweater Second PrizeNithin and Kerry at Fair

I won first prize for my shawl and socks:

First Place Shawl First Place Shawl (2) 

First Prize Socks   

We had friends who came for the weekend from Mass.  Here is our friend George getting taken by a fast talking New Yorker.  He thought he was down 4 bucks but it ended up being 15.  He won a stuffed animal kitten for his son.

George Getting Suckered 

We also went to the beach this weekend.  Here are pictures of Munchkin on the beach and with our friends child.  Munchkin’s friend wanted to spend lots of time throwing rocks into the water.

Happy at the Beach  Oh Boy Relaxin Pondering Walking at the Beach Munchkin and Friend at Beach

This week is Rosh Hashana so Munchkin has two days off of day care.  Grandma and grandpa are here to take care of him.


In knitting I am done knitting the body of the floral felted bag and am starting the gussets on my socks.  Now time to sew in all the ends of my floral felted bag.  Oh boy will that be a while.


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