First Finished Project Since Munchkin

Here is the first project I have finished since Munchkin and it is for Munchkin.  It is much too hot though to picture him in it.

Pattern: Baby Surprise Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Needles: Size 9

Yarn: Classic Elite Yarn Beatrice, Color 3215

Here is the pattern before it is sewn.  It is one piece of knitted fabric which just requires 2 seam.

Baby Surprise Unfinished

Once those 2 seams are done and buttons are sewn it looks like this…

Baby Surprise Finished

This last week was Munchkin’s 7th week and this week he:

  • Coo’s a lot more.  Sometimes it is like he wants to tell us a story.
  • I swear he rolled over on his own but no one else has seen it yet other than me. 
  • He went to knitting group and met another baby friend.  He did pretty well for about 2 hours and then melted down.
  • The crying spells are getting less although still exist.

Dad and baby wore their big endian and little endian shirts:

Dorky Dad and Munchkin

Isn’t he such a cute when he sleeps:

Sleeping Week 7

He likes to sit up and watch things:



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