4 Weeks

Munchkin has made it through his 4 week birthday.  For this one my family was here.  My sister and her hubby came up to hang with Munchkin.  It was nice.  We just hung around at home as we still can’t take Munchkin out to places where there are lots of people.  I posted some pictures of my Munchkin with the family in Munchkin’s photo album.

Yesterday I took Munchkin for a walk on the beach.  We are trying to venture out a little more to get him used to being in public and riding in the car. 

This week Munchkin is:

  • Holding his head up on his own pretty much.
  • Grabs for things.  I caught him pulling his blanket up and he definitely has learned how to pull Mom’s hair and Dad’s chest hair. 
  • Pushes the bottle away when he is done.  Almost starting to hold the bottle. 

Dad is making Munchkin a coder already.

Munchkin the Coder Munchkin the Coder2

Munchkin’s 4 Week Birthday.

4 Weeks 4 Weeks Cake

Rockband the XBox video game was a big hit for everyone.  We had the family band going.

Rockband Rockband Family

Not much is happening in knitting news.  I am waiting on more yarn to finish Munchkin’s baby surprise sweater and am slowly working on finishing my clapotis. 


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