Well this month has been a lot of waiting for baby and wrapping things up at work so I can feel OK about leaving.  My maternity leave has begun.  I have had contractions this week off and on.  Thurs. contractions were especially bad and I thought it was it, but they stopped by late that evening.  So I am in sit and wait mode waiting on baby.  I have given up on all my theories about when the baby will come.  I really thought the theory I had of having the baby around the full moon on the 20th was a good one.  I had a different theory for every day last week including our baby wanted to be born on an election day to the same date as my birth date.  All failed.  I guess we have an independent kid.  I have started talking to the baby trying to convince him it is better on the outside.  To pass the time I have started watching the Tudors Showtime series yesterday and am almost all the way through it.  Boy am I bored and need to come up with more interesting ways to entertain myself.

My friend Michele just got back from Paris today as her 40th birthday trip.  I made here the following gift.  I hope it got there today so it is there when she got home.  This is the first thing I have knitted for her as she is a fellow knitter.  I don’t think this is something she would make for herself though and would like a lot. 

Happy Birthday Michele!

Pattern: The Essential Tank Top by Laura Zukaite from Lace Style

Needles: Size 5

Yarn: Alpaca Lite from A Touch of Twist in Blue Violet

Essential Tank  Essential Tank Detail2

Now onto my knitting camp goals.  I want to finish my Faroese Shawl from A Gathering of Lace and start my Bohus sweater, Wild Apple.


2 responses to “Waiting

  1. I love my present. I am soo excited to have a hand knit item from you Kerry! It is very special and I will treasure it always.

  2. I still have the cap Kerry knitted me — I enjoy it even if i only wear it when I sleep :)
    I’m guessing that with no blog update today the kid has finally decided to show up? He’s just being fashionably late…

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