Weekend in NC & Harry Potter Done!

This weekend I went down to North Carolina.  It was pre-wedding weekend.  I gave Darryl the shawl.  Here are some pictures of it on…

Shawl Shawl2

We spent time trying on the wedding dress and doing a trial hair and make-up appointment.  I found out that Darryl brings me to these things so that I can be the one who plays bad cop with the service people.  I guess everyone needs someone to do that.

Darryl and Rich’s friends Emily hosted a party for them of an angel and devil theme.  Their friends Carrie and Sania did a ton of work to help with the party.  It was a very nice time.  We made custom Jones soda bottles for them which turned out very nicely.

Custom Soda

Rich the Devil Darryl the Angel

On Sunday our flight got canceled because of a storm on Long Island.  So our flight got moved to first thing Monday morning.  This lent us time to go shopping and do slick track racing.  This was super fun.  I was really bad though and bumped Rich to get him out of a jam which I got scolded for.

Nithin on Slick Track  Slick Track

I finished reading Harry Potter yesterday.  It was a really good book.  With all the time spent on work It took me over a week to get the time to read this book.  Very sad.  I hope the time at work will calm down to be more reasonable. 


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