Rockin’ Knitting and Hubby’s Birthday

Last weekend we just chilled.  I cleaned out the closet that has gathered all of the junk we didn’t want to deal with since the move.  We also watched a lot of movies. 
This week I went to the Long Island Knitters Guild meeting.  You would think everyone is on the web nowadays.  They aren’t.  I saw the group before but there was only a phone number listed.  I thought for sure it must be a small group of women, boy was I wrong.  It was amaizing though once I got there the group was very large and fun.  I am glad to have found a knitting group in Long Island. 
This weekend is Nithin’s birthday weekend.  I took him to MOMA and then high tea at the St. Regis.  We then went to see Spamalot.  I didn’t think I was into Monty Python but it was really a great show.  We both enjoyed it. 
We did make it to the Museum of Arts and Design to see their Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting exhibit.  There were some really amaizing pieces as part of the exhibit.  The funniest one was of two peices of construction equipment, backhoe’s or something, were knitting. 
Nithin’s birthday is tomorrow.  I made him devils food cupcakes with coffee buttercream frosting.  They smell good. 
On the knitting front.  I got my Socks that Rock first shipment this week.  They are soooooooooo cool.  The yarn is gorgeous and then you get these cool goodies of a button, binder, and emergency yarn.  I am going to start the socks today.  I am still working on Cecily and the shawl for my sister.  I have gotten a good amount done on the shawl, will have to take a picture soon.

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